Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

After nearly 5months whitout a´real Computer(Playbook is ok,for Mails, as GPS, or wifi-search Tool, but for Editing Web-sites/Blog...)
Here´s a little overview about 4 Month´s...
Still some trouble, with this Page,

 Our/my Cabin at "Davidson-Orchards"

Unsere/meine Hütte "Davidson-Orchards"
 View from the Cabin...

 I Like the Country site ;-)

Alpenglühen, So nice ;-)

Nelson Bridge

Don´t know this guy

Brakejob, first try...

Brakejob, second try...
Got my parts from Germany (thanks Mum&Dad)
View at Kootenay-Lake
Dick, tough little one ;-)

nice Truck (show´n-shine)

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