Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

 Stuttgart Airport

 Aircargo Canada&Customs(all in one Building)
really helpfull&nice people
Customs was about 2 1/2hours... ;-)
"German Numberplates...?!!!! Insurance from USA....?! Why You travel by Moto...?!"
 Here She Comes...
German Custums did a´good Job thereáre no Signs from the Reopening ,for another Check
 Again to much wight...
But´s all I need for the next Time
 Montreal "China Town"

 Don´t remember the name ,but´s another one in...
 Expo Island
It´s really Interessting ,
Thank´s Marc again for the nice Town-Tour. ;-)
The oldes Guesthouse in North-America ,and It´s still one

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