Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

 Brian at the Workshop

Brian in der Werkstatt
 Quick Oil-change... BMW 1150 RT
 Lee on her Burgy
 Nice Clouds

Schöne Wolken

 Downtown at night

 Lee´s new Helmet, think She´s happy with it ;-)

 Brian at the Jazz-Festivall

 At´a Pub
 View out of Brian&Lees Flat
 Tech-Day Brian(Pifflemaster)&JohnFry
 SilenceJinns KLR got new Tires
"The Pifflemaster educates the noobs"
by JohnFry
 Marc&MarcII&SilenceJin(in the red shirt, with the world largest tire iron´s)

 Backroader& Mrs Backroader on the their "BMW R1200GS Tripple Black"
 here they go... ;-)
 some adjustments on the shocky

 JohnFry "uses the world´s smallest Tire iron"

 Happy "she" got new shoes...
 BMW& "Tranny" nice clouds
 KLR&nice clouds

 ready to leave "well done"
See Ya ;-)
 See Ya ;-)

My "Workplace" for 2 day´s

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