Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012



 whiteshell parc-petroformas...

 old dam
 grand beach

 one of the most beutifullest beaches in the world, on one of the biggest sweet-water lakes...

Einer der schönsten Strände der Welt, an nem riesigen Süßwasser-see

St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church
River Lot 212, St. Peter Parish, Stone Church Road, R.M. of St. Clements
This church was built in 1853 under the personal direction of Archdeacon William Cockran. The foundation stone was laid May 23 by Bishop David Anderson, who gave the church its name. It replaced an earlier one built in 1836 a little to the south of the new site. It served the Aboriginal settlement of the same name established here in 1834, the first attempt at an Aboriginal agricultural community in Western Canada.
Chief Peguis led a band of his people to the Red River area around 1800. He also assisted the settlers in retreating from Red River after the Seven Oaks Incident in 1816. He died in his 90th year on Sept. 28, 1864, and the most humble and the most notable figures in the land gathered for his funeral. Two archdeacons presided at his burial in the church-yard at St. Peters.

 Thanks my Friends for the nice evening ;-)
Hope we See us again oneday...

 Mark Twain´s Gravestone

Mark Twain´s Grab

nice Sign ;-)



 My Stoneman ;-)

 Little Service on the Bike

 On "The Old Dawson" Trail...
was not really Mintained the Track, lot´s of deep-sand patches, also lots of really loose gravel ;-(

 Winnipeg HI-Hostel

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