Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

 near Hay-River,
on the way south

 Bad-Thunderstorms hit´s me

 Could be a´nice lace to stay...


 near "Tumbler-Ridge", found a´nice "Free-Camground"


 Made some good Friends

 Little Kid´s first Fish
You Did well ;-)

 "Nessy" goes again....
Cheer´s Brian

See Ya maybe somewhere on the Road again :-)
 On The Way south "Rocky´s"
 Was a´bit freezing -5C in the night, my whole Tent was covered in a´Crust of Ice.

 She got´a new mirror, cause the old one was smashed, on a´gravel-road
 Calgary, the Thunder-Storm just missed me ;-)

On my way to the Kootenay´s

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  1. Heeeee Andy!
    Pretty nice pics!! Wow!! :0)
    Canada is soooo awesome!!
    Greets Uli & Flo