Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

 Retired-Bus People looking at Bike... ;-)

Rentner-Gang Fachsimpelt über Bike... ;-)
 Longest Free-Ferry-Ride in North-America

Längste kostenlose Fährverbindung in Nord-Amerika

 Welcome to Toad-Rock

 I was working on a "Harley-Davidson"


 Now I´m a´Qualified Harley-Mechanic...!

 See Ya again Mates!
 Dave and his little Dog
 On Tour with "chopper" aka Gert

 Waiting for another Ferry

 Our own Beach at "Wood-Lake"
 View from my Campsite at our "Cherry-Orchard"

 International "Chili-Con-Carne" Jam was so good ;-)
Little Pan with "Fake-Meat", BUt was really nice...
Big Pan with "Real-Meat", was also Jamy...

kleine Pfanne mit Tofu, war net schlecht...
große Pfanne mit Hackfleisch, war auch lecker...

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